Total Access…

Today, dear Father, we come to worship at your feet with tender hearts and longing souls.

Open our minds to You, to hear and to believe.

Turn us from our selfishness to Your tender love for us.

Align our paths to You, O God, as we walk this earth.

Let us accept the access that You offer through Your Son Jesus Christ.

Accept our turning to You as an indication of our allowing You to control us in Your grace.

Create the necessary life situations in which we need to learn to ask, seek and knock in search of You, O God.

Cut through our defenses, Father, and see the fear and tremblings with which we try to live.

Enthuse us with Your Spirit today, O God, as we seek Your face.

Set us on the right paths that will take us to You, no matter where they may lead.

Secure us with Your Son today, Father, for we love You and we thank You for loving us and granting us access through Him today.

In the Name that is above all names we pray.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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