A Prayer of Praise and Intercession…


Dear Lord and Father, we gather  to worship You. We come wanting to raise up our praise to You in the beauty of Your holiness. We long to sing our praises and speak to You in words of adoration and love, of thankfulness and gratitude. We want to say that we love You, Lord.

We come to worship, to lift up others in intercession, dear Father. We have remembered people as we have named them. We have remem­bered people as we have written their names on paper. We also remember those whose names have not been spoken or written except in the hearts and minds of those who are thinking about them just now. We come beseeching You, in Your mercy, to be the answer to the questions of life that are being asked about health, about care of others, about guilt over separation from loved ones, and about death. We ask that, if possible, You use us to bring Your comfort and assurance to those in need of Your touch. We falter under the thought of being Your hands, Your eyes, Your feet, Your mouth here on earth, but we know You work through human beings to show Your love and grace—so we offer up ourselves to You again; use us, Lord. Help us to listen to You and go where You lead.

Dear Father, comfort, through Your Holy Spirit is needed among us. For those experiencing the grief of death, we ask You to provide Your comforting touch, as only You can.

We raise our praise, our petitions, our intercessions to You, dear Father, in the name of Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

The Path Continues…


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