An Invocation Prayer…

Father, in the beauty of this place and in the stillness of this time, we come invoking Your blessing upon this time of worship.  We come offering ourselves anew to You, our God and Savior.  We come in, as it were, from the distractions of the places where we work, where we live, where we play, to this place that represents You to us in so many ways.

We come asking that You change us from the busy creatures that seek our own, into Your creation that seeks the good of others instead.

We ask, O Lord, that You cleanse us by Your power and help us to sense again that Your grace is sufficient to keep us from the temptations of the world in which we live.

We thank You for Your word; help us to hear it today as You speak through the music and our pastor. Give us ears to hear and the willingness to do as You say.

We love You, Lord. We thank You for calling to us and reaching down to us through Your Son, Jesus Christ.

In your Spirit, we come as You bid us. Help us to follow.


The Path Continues…


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