Seeker of My Soul…


Seeker of my soul, I know You are present in the mountains, in the valleys and on the plateau.

Enough to see You on the trails of life and to watch as You bring me to worship You.

Encouraged, I am, by the Holy Spirit realization that wherever I find myself, You have been there before me—bidding me to come.

Kinship with You, O God, is what I sense in the stillness of the soul.

Enter in, O God, and become the calm center of my life—the still axis around which everything revolves.

Repair the brokenness that occurs when I become the axis around which my life revolves.

Open my eyes, O God, to the beauty of Your presence in my life and in the lives of those I meet.

Forgive me, O God, for the times when I don’t live as if I am in Your presence.

Make me over, O God, remold and remake the heart that has become too cynical and untrusting.

You, O God, are the only true seeker of my soul, that wants to do good for me, in me and through me.

Suspend my seeking after other gods instead of You—I long to cling to You as You are clinging to me.

Over all my sin, pour Your spirit of forgiveness as I confess to You.

Unfold Your grace, dear God, and I will seek after You in love and humility.

Longing, clinging, seeking, O God—thank You for loving me and being the seeker of my soul.

The Path Continues…


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