Feasting With God…

Forever partaking of the richness of God’s provisions,

Enjoying this “feast” of being in His presence

Allows me the joy of “eating” of His gracious pardon.

Sustaining me as I live this life that He provides,

Together with Him, I find the understanding that gives peace.

Intimidated no longer by the dearth of this life’s paragon,

Never doing without the gentle touch of His patience.

God alone provides the feast of life with His passion.

While feasting on the riches of God’s love,

I find my desire for this world’s “food” strangely lacking.

This Godly feast is a movable one, going wherever I lean,

Hedging me about and within with His own food for life.

Gathering this feast from God, I find a new sense of freedom.

Opening my life to partake of this feast, He bids me to come and I must follow.

Determined to eat at His table, at this movable feast, I am learning to be a grateful participant of His feast.

The Path Continues…


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