God Hears!…


God hears when I speak to Him in spirit and voice. He tells me in His word that my prayers are a sweet savor of His Son to Him.

Other gods pretend to hear, but they do not offer a future that is for my good and a future with His hope.

Decisions that I make and paths I choose to walk do not make God cease to listen to me; they make me cease to hear Him clearly, at times.

Heaven rejoices, I believe, when I raise a petition or cry out a plea or issue an intercession for someone else.

Entering into a conversation, yes, speaking and hearing, with God is in some way a witness to my faith and trust in Him and His love for me.

Allowing God’s creation, His Word, His children, to speak to me is a fulfillment of His promise that He hears me when I call on Him.

Risking who I am as I talk to Him, He knows and understands my fears and helps me in my doubts.

Sending His Son to save me from my sins is the greatest confirmation that God hears, even before we know we should ask.

The Path Continues…


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