Lift Us Up, O Lord!…

In the morning, Lord, we come to You to offer our sacrifice of praise, praise for Your creating us, and giving us life and all the necessary things to sustain that life. We often neglect to say thank You, Lord.

We come needing to be lifted up, O Lord. We need to be lifted up above the shadows in which this world seeks to keep us. We long for our feet to be planted in the rich soil of Your grace and to grow to be more like You. Lift us up, Lord! We submit ourselves to Your lifting today as we come to worship You, O God.

In the stillness of this time, we rest from our physical labors, O God. In a time when we celebrate, help us to hear Your reminding us of the labor that You have called us to do for You, O God. Help us to toil on in Your fields that are white with Your harvest. May we labor for You today and in the days ahead, O God.

In the beauty of this morning, O Lord, we come. In the beauty of Your holiness, we worship You! In the beauty of Your sacrifice, we offer ourselves to You, O God! In the beauty of the name of Your son, Jesus Christ, I pray.  Amen.

The Path Continues.


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