The Whisper of God…

The television commercial says that to get someone’s attention, we should whisper.

Hearing the soft tones of someone’s whisper requires that we remove the sounds of busyness and stress.

Ears that hear whispers are turned to listen with a different tuning fork from the average person.

Whispers of God require the ear to be tuned to a different frequency than that of the world around us.

His voice is meek and mild and gentle and loving and can only be distinguished from the world’s noise as we incline our ear to Him.

Intuition of the highest kind is available to us as we hear the whispers of our Father in our ears and soul.

Sent to us as a communication between Father and child, His whispers are personal and meant as a special word for only us.

Preparatory are His whispers for the love He wants to show us as we listen longer and with more attention.

Ethereal in nature, yet designed to get and keep our attentive focus on Him and His whispering words.

Refreshment is given as we hear those soft tones of our God, for He loves you, my friend!

Out of the loudness of our normal hearing we run to the soft whispers that carry a real message of love and concern.

Fearful at first, we are, at the sound of the whispering voice but we soon earn to seek it as it shows us our Father.

Gifts of peace, joy, love, humility, and satisfaction ooze from these whispers of God.

Our ears become funnels to our heart and soul as we grasp the meaning of the whisper.

Determined to hear theses whispers, we linger in silence that we may hear and know His voice.


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