A Whiff of God’s Grace…

(phrase taken from Catch Your Breath, God’s Invitation to Sabbath Rest by Don Postema)

Adoring and loving Father, giver of all life and all sustaining love,

 With a sense of awe and wonder I come today surrounded by your creation’s beauty.

Helped along the way by wondrous sights, sounds and smells, I am in your presence.

In all the beauty of the physical world where you have placed me, I catch a hint of something else         you are sending my way.

Facing in all directions I look and I see your world.  I search for that something that I sense is wafting my way.

Fearing it at first because I’m not sure what “it” is that is evident, but I cannot name “it”.

Overcoming the fear of the seemingly unknown, I stand in its presence and wonder.

Freedom is a sense that overwhelms me as I am sensing this aspect of you, God.

Gathering all my senses, I long to understand what I am a part of at this moment.

Otherness is something of what I sense, a sense of Your Otherness, father.  You are not like me.

Dependence on Your Otherness, dear Father, is something I need to allow you to develop in me.

Show me more of Yourself today, O God, I long to know you better.

Giver of all of Yourself to us Your children, give me the senses needed today to become more of Your child.

Refresh my “want to”, my “longing” to not just to know You but to become more of You in this world You have called me to serve.

Allow  me, just a smidgen of Your grace today, a small part that only whets the appetite for You, Father.

Carry me  along on the scent of Your grace as I study to show myself approved by You.

Empty my nostrils of the scents of this world that I may catch a whiff of Your grace today.

The Path Continues…


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