Memorial Day…

Merciful, loving Father of us all, we come to worship You today and to remember.

Eternal, we know You are, O God and everlasting and ever-loving also.

Memories flow from our minds and cause our hearts to ache as we remember those who have died in order that we may live freely in this land.

Order our lives today so that peace may be upon this land that You have given us to manage.

Return our hearts and minds to things of Your kingdom, Father, as we remember and honor these lives today.

Inspire us by the sacrifices made by all those who work to keep us living in this land of the free for they are truly the brave.

Allow them and us to remember today and tomorrow that You are indeed God and we are not. Help us to give You thanks as Your children.

Love through us, dear Father, so that this world may know You and Your love for it each and every day.

Deliver us from evil, O God, indeed for Your kingdom’s sake.

Allay our fears of our enemies so that we may forgive as You forgive.

Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory, O God. Amen

The Path Continues…


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