Bent Out of Shape…

Believing that You, O God, are ready and willing to hear and answer when we call, we come to You today.

Eternal is Your love for us, even when we fail to listen.  We wish our ears were more
attuned to You, Father.

Nearer to Your Son, Jesus, we long to be.  Knowing that to be nearer to Him is to be
nearer to You, O God.

Tender our hearts, Father, as we look at the world you have placed us in, that we may see as You see.

Open our minds to Your ever-loving truth as we hear You today.

Use it to shape us in Your image anew, Father.  We need Your touch to straighten our lives to Your will.

Tether us to You by Your Word as we strive to survive the world as it exists today.

Out of shape, we have become obese with the culture’s excesses and we need to exercise our faith in You to help us shed the weight of sin.

Forgive us, Lord when we are bent out of shape as we allow Satan space to live in us instead of You.

Show us today the willing, loving, forgiving spirit that seeks to cleanse us from our rigid ways, even though with cleansing comes pain and change.

Having tried on our own to live a good life, we confess our sin of pride and ask for forgiveness, dear Father.

Allow Your spirit of love and forgiveness to flow around and through us as we seek Your face today.

Prepare our hearts and minds fby Your word, O God. Till the soil of our hardened hearts so that seeds of Your truth may once again take root.

Enliven in us a willingness to be used by You to see as You see, to touch as You touch and to love as You love us today.

In the Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen

The Path Continues…


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