Psalm: The Twenty-Third (A Prayer)…

O Lord, you are our shepherd, You have everything we need. You,O Lord, lead us to rest in Your peaceful places and to stroll alongside Your peaceful streams. You make new our strength and you provide guidance as we walk the paths that bring honor to Your name.

We Thank You, Father!

Although we will walk through those dark valleys of death in this life, we will not be afraid for You walk there alongside us. You guide us and protect us as we walk

Even above all these things, You, 0 God, give us a feast to enjoy in the very presence of those we would consider our enemies. You treat us as treasured guest and You give us special treatment to provide healing and comfort as we travel together in this life. We are overwhelmed with your gifts of blessings.

You keep on pursuing us with your unfailing love all of our days. We look gratefully forward to living in Your home together will all Your children, forever!

Thank You, Father,for calling us to be Your children. We thank You that You are our shepherd!

The Path Continues…


One thought on “Psalm: The Twenty-Third (A Prayer)…

  1. Amen! So thankful that He is our Shepherd! In those times when no one else sees or knows the difficulties we face, He is always walking alongside us … to “make new our strength” when we could so easily give up. Who besides Our Lord Jesus would continually pursue us in order to pour out His unfailing love on us at those times when we feel the weakest? May we use that new strength to faithfully pursue others who are growing weak, O Lord.

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