Sovereign and almighty God, You who know us better than we know ourselves, we come to worship, to praise You, and to know You better today. Accept our praise and  clean us from all unrighteousness as we stand before You!

Teach us, dear Father, to learn from Your word. Strip away our bent to sinning as the  beginning of making something new in us. Work in us to do Your perfect will as we become more of what You created us for in Your kingdom.

Accept our repentance of our sins, 0 God. We see how Your scripture convicts us of our sin as we see Your working in lives of those You have called and are calling to follow You.

Tell us more of the wonderful story of Your love for us and Your grace that is sufficient for everything that comes into our lives on a daily basis. Show us how to live like You in the daily-ness of our lives.

Use us, Father, to show You to this world! May we be so useful to You that others will come to see You through Your Son Jesus, who lives in and through us!

Send us into this world as You sent Your first disciples to proclaim the good news of Your love in lives that show You and not ourselves in our actions, our speech and our humility.

Thank You, Father! We love You! We pray in the name of Your Son, Jesus and in the  power of Your Spirit, Amen!

The Path Continues…


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