A Chimney…

A chimney in the open space,

it is like a book of life.

If it could only sport a face,

and tell us of the times of strife,

or all the times with all the lace,

that it has had in its long life,

or what that olden fireplace

has cooked to strengthen life.

What was the olden house alike

that stood around it’s frame?

Was it a big and spacious strike

that stood alone while all aflame?

Or was it just a tiny strike,

with a family without an aim?

No matter what the house was like,

or what the family be.

For that old chimney stands alike,

a bulwark in a stormy sea.

(photo courtesy of Colleen Elder)

The Path continues..


One thought on “A Chimney…

  1. I like this, Hammond. Your words did justice to the old chimney that has stood the test of time and been there for a very long time and has watched a large family grow up and go out on their own.

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