A True Friend…

A true friend is someone, who in a special way,

remains forever in your mind, if it be night or day.

This person is the one to whom you turn,

in times of strife, as well as those of joy.

This friend is the kind of person who,

will always be there beside of you,

Even though they have troubles of their own,

they are never too busy to lend that helping hand

that you always seem to need.

They turn to you, and you to them,

no matter what the time or place.

They always seem to have a share

 of God’s eternal grace.

Now if you have a friend like this,

in this a time of much hypocrisy,

I know you value this friendship dearly,

in this a very friendless time.

So be as true a friend to all that you can possibly be.

Then, you will find you have the friends you never dreamed could be.

The Path Continues…


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