Precious Father, you who call and seek us, you who would show us love and mercy and grace and pardon,

Accept our praise, our adoration and our confession this morning as we come to worship you in spirit and truth.

Tender us your patience, O God, as we seek you and long to be in your presence.

Instruct us, your children, dear God, in the ways of righteousness and kindness and compassion and gentleness and humility.

Enlarge our capacity to show patience in our relationships to one another as you show your love to us.

Never allow us to forget to give our forgiveness to others as your Son has forgiven us.

Cleanse us, dear Father, when we sin, when we forget your gracious kindness and sin against others and against you.  Cleanse us today.

Evoke in us your love, O Father.  Help us to see your will for us is to shower your love over all we meet and to share your peace with this angry world in which we live.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray.  Amen.

The Path Continues…


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