The Face of God…

The face of God, who can describe what the face of God looks like?

Heaven is illumined by this face and yet we have no physical description.

Eternal it is—we do know that—never changing, we understand, but what does it look like, what are its characteristics?

Forever in my mind is the image of people who have portrayed God to me now and in the past.

Always, it seems, God has used people along my path to show Himself to me.

Caring, loving people who have shown me God, Himself, as they have given of   themselves to make me who I am and what I am—hopefully, a person who shows others the face of God, too.

Enduring patience has been shown to me, just as God is a God of patience, in my experiences.

Overwhelming mercy has been given to me by these people, just as God has granted me mercy.

Forgiveness has be shown and given to me as only the face of God could grant and give.

Gifts too numerous to detail have found their way into my vision and life as I see the face of God all around me, every day.

Offering Himself in the lives of others and they giving of Him, through themselves, to me, in order that I may see Him and be able to reflect Him to those in my path.

Devoid of the gift of the “face of God” given by others, I would be hopelessly lost in the face of this world.  Thank You, God, for showing me Your face in the lives and faces of your creation.

The Path Continues…

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