Resting in Him…

Reconciling my busyness for God with His command to “be still and know” is a difficult task to accomplish.

Earning God’s rest is an oxymoron, for His rest is a free gift from His love to us.

Stillness does not have to be absence of physical movement, but it must be a stillness of mind, heart and emotion, so God may be heard, seen and felt.

Talking, except to respond to God’s teaching, is not needed in this rest in Him.

Inner strength comes during this resting in Him as He calms us with His love and as He quiets us with His peace.

New expressions of joy and peace arise from the rest that only God can give.

Greater loves comes from finding rest in the very presence of Him who told us to “come unto to me and I will give you rest.”

Identification of us as His children becomes much easier for those who come in contact with us if we rest in Him.

Nonconformists, we will be labeled by the world as it rushes by on its way to more activity in search of the rest we have secured in Him.

Hear Him, our Father; plead with us to come aside from the busyness of our lives to allow Him to lead us by the still waters for a time of refreshment before the work begins again.

Invigorating is this rest and preparatory also, for the living of these days and the walking of the paths that God has called us to walk.

Manifold blessings come from His rest so that we may labor and work as He walks with us each day and bids us to leave a sense of Him with others each day as we live our lives.

The Path Continues..


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