A Prayer of Thankfulness and Intercession…

In the midst of the busyness in which we find ourselves all too often, we come to stop and offer ourthanksgiving to you, O God, for your tender watch care over our lives this day.  We have been, too long, away from your still small voice.  We come to allow you to re-gather us into you arms as a hen would gather her chicks. We long to say we love you.  We long to come as one to praise you for your goodness and your tender mercies.  We enter into this time with the realization that your grace is the only thing that is sufficient in our lives.  We thank you, dear God.  We would lift up our hands to be purified and to be made holy, set apart to you. Hear us, O Lord, as we wait to listen to you.  Make us one, Father God.

We, in humility, lift up our brothers and sisters who have illnesses and grief, loneliness and frustrations, worries and woes in their lives today.  We ask that you enliven us to look to their interests, as well as to our own.

Forgive us for our selfishness and conceit, even in our praying.  We would seek their best interests, O Lord.  Help us to accept your will for their lives and our own.

We ask for your mercy to enfold all who need to know your kindness, who seek your face, and claim your name.  We praise you for your seeking us when we did not want to be sought, in our own selfish desires.  We thank you for helping us, as believers, to become one in you and to be available to show your love to this world.

We say again that we love you, Lord.  We want to have your mind as
individuals and as believers.  Help us to have ears to hear and wills to do your good pleasure.

In the strong name of Jesus Christ, the name above all names, we pray.  Amen.

The Path Continues..

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