Being Witnesses..

Unto you, O God and Father, we have come hear you and to see Jesus, your Son, and to worship you through your Holy Spirit.

Praise and adoration are on our lips for you, dear Father; accept our sacrifice of thanks and praise, as we, your children say, “We love you, Lord!”

Open our hearts and minds to your word and spirit today, O Lord; help us to find your will in the stillness of this time.

New courage we need, O God, to be the rock upon which you are building your church; embolden us to do your will.

Take away our bent to sinning, dear Father; forgive us for our selfish pride, help us to accept your willingness to forgive.

Hear our cry, O Lord; we want to be a stable force for you in the world where you have placed us.

Instill in us the humility to allow you to lead and us to follow.

Search us, O Lord; may our motives be pure and our actions sincere as we worship you and witness to your love.

Remind us, O Lord, of your perfect love; help us to call to our remembrance that your prefect love casts out fear, may we allow your love to cast out our fears.

Over and above our frailties, shine forth your light to this world in darkness so that they may be saved as we reflect you into that darkness.

Correct us, Lord; we need to be refined as gold is refined, to take away the dirt and dross, so we may shine for you and you alone.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords, we confess that you are the rock on which we cling; thank you for clinging to us as you reach down to take our professions of faith in your hands and save us.  Upon this rock we pray, in Jesus Christ’s name.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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