Think on These Things…

Together, we come today, Father, to hear You as You speak to us from Your word and in Your Spirit.

Hearing with the proper understanding is difficult for us at times, O Lord.
Please open our minds and ears today.

Instill in us Your wisdom that we may know Your mind above our own as we see You.

Negate our “prone to wander” minds, Father, as You tell us to “think on Your things” today.

Keep our thoughts centered on You as we worship and praise You in our minds and voices.

Ooze into our beings today, O God, as we seek to know more of Your mind and Your will.

Naked we come, Father. Clothe us with Your Spirit and by Your gracious mercy.

Tame our tendencies to go on our own as we think on our own things, Lord.

Hedge about us, Father, with Your word and Your truth through Your Holy Spirit.

Empty us of our stubborn wills and egotistical minds that we live in daily.

Save us, O God, from our sinful ways.

Eject from our minds and hearts the things of this world that cause us to not think on Your things.

Tether us tightly to You by the bond of Your love, O God, and by the renewing of our minds in You.

Help us to be more like You for having been at this place today and for thinking on Your things.

Instill in us the will and the way to help us think on these things along the journey of life today.

Nest our minds on the words that You give us so that we may always be in You and You in us.

God and Father of us all, we love You! We want to know You more and be more like You each day we live.

Send us from this time into the world where You have called us to live and breathe so that as we think on these things others may come to know You, precious Father.

The Path Continues…


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