Do You Love Me?

Dear loving and forgiving heavenly Father,

Open our hearts and minds to You today as we seek to know you more.

You, who loves and forgives, also gives us opportunity to share that love and forgiveness with others.

Offended, You are, Father, when we sin against You, yet, You seek us out to ask us if we love You.

Untie our hands from our sin as we reach out to you in seeking love and forgiveness.

Let us meet You, O God, on the shore of our lives after we have gone our own ways, yet we know You still love us in ways we cannot understand.

Overcome our inabilities of expressing our love for You and to others as we are ashamed of our actions, Father.

Vivid is our sin in our own eyes, Father. Thank You for us that You forgive, so we should also.

Evoke in us Your will to hear You calling us from our sin and to hear You sending us to be Your love in this world.

Master, we do love You, but thank You for Your keeping on asking us, even when we deny You. Expunge the fear of this world and our sins from us today, Father, as we encounter once again Your loving, forgiving and sending hands in Your Word. May Your Kingdom come in us as we pray.

The Path Continues…


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