A Letter from Home…

(felt the need to repost this today)

Attempting to recreate scenes and words and memories of long ago,

Letting the mind wander down roads long since abandoned,

Energizing the memory of words and letters written to and received from loved ones, family and friends,

Together with today’s new experiences, I struggle to get away from the words I once received and I once wrote.

Topics of love and friendship, of family and others, once so easily written and received have retreated into the pages of my mind and heart.

Emotions attached to those words, once written and received, remain clear and undimmed by the distance of time and space, however.

Remembering, even the struggles, but especially the joy and love shared in written word, is, in itself, a welcomed exercise.

Far away in time and space, some of the people are, but the remembrances of touch and fragrance, and the remembrance of words spoken evoke wonderful thoughts, almost as if they were present.

Revolving in the mind and heart are the words once shared. They come around again and again.

Often the heart reminds the mind of feelings once shared and emotions once attached to the words remembered.

Moving from words to emotions to thoughts and back again causes more words, emotions and thoughts to arise within me.

Holding on to past words and memories causes some to be remorseful and even to grieve, so they choose not to linger there perhaps as long as I do.

Opening myself to the long ago and the not so long ago in words I spoke and received helps me to look ahead as I remember my God has taken care of the past and has promised to give me a future with hope if I live with Him in the present.

Meshing the lessons and emotions and love from the past, as I re-read those words in my memory, presses me to the here and now, and even beyond.

Eternal are the memories of words once written and received in letters from home.

The Path Continues…


2 thoughts on “A Letter from Home…

  1. I especially relate to the line: moving from words to emotions to thoughts…… So true. I have found that when I then place all the words, emotions and thoughts in the hands of the Lord, He brings a sweetness and often a needed healing.

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