The Confluence of Circumstances…

The coming together of at least two divergent steams into one new stream is a common occurrence in our everyday lives.

Heaven steers the rivers and creeks of our lives into nexus points where we converge with others to form new streams as our lives flow on in this life God has given.

Eternity awaits as we continue to flow into confluences of circumstance, as we become new streams every day we live and come in contact with others in this family of man.

Contiguous to and running alongside our lives are lives that we sometimes don’t even know exist until a confluence of circumstance brings them together with our life.

Over and above the planned coming togethers that we share in our lives, these circumstances rush us together, at times uneven sharing.

New and unbeknownst connections and convergences emerge as we are thrust into this confluence of circumstances.

Fluid in the unknown currents of life, we flow on as we come together in a totally unplanned and unexpected channel.

Lifelong junctions can be and are made in this confluence of circumstances that occurs in our lives, steered along by God Himself.

Union with God and others that He brings into those nexus points of our lives is as natural and eternal as the streams converging to become rivers and then oceans.

Ethereal in its feeling once it has taken place, this confluence of circumstances has a spiritual quality about it that can only come from the heart of God.

Nearer to what we were really meant to be in the essence of our very being, we find ourselves in the confluence with others – in community.

Connected as our Maker planned by the circumstances of life, we find we only know ourselves as we relate to Him and the other humans He brings into our stream of life.

External of this community we are nothing more than a single stream that eventually dries up from lack of fresh confluences bringing new life to our lonely, wandering path.

Order out of chaos appears when we allow these confluences of circumstances from God to enter our stream and enrich our lives and feed our souls.

Fortunate we are if there are numerous streams converging into our stream at any given time—a richness and uniqueness appears in our minds and in our beings.

Circumstances of love, joy, pain, disappointment, all these converge into our lives at times that we neither expect nor can predict.

Instinctively we become a mixture of all the circumstances that make up our stream of life, for God has caused or allowed these confluences in our lives.

Remembering the Author and Finisher of our stream of life, we welcome the confluence of His circumstances into the flowing waters of our days.

Controlling and releasing the pace of the confluences in our lives, God brings into our lives the right amount of confluence to bring out the best in us, in full view of those who a part of the confluence.

Under His guidance, we sweep along the bigger stream that is made by this confluence of several smaller streams of life as they are joined together.

Maturing and growing as we are joined to others under God’s leadership, we become, a word I already used before, “community.”

Some communities only have two streams, others have several, but community exists for the good of those who are in those confluences of life.

These communities harbor and grow love, trust, security and oneness as the confluences continue to create a oneness of the water of life.

Altogether we come to understand why we were created in the first place – for fellowship with God and our fellow human beings.

Nothing that will touch us, in our single stream and in the confluence of our circumstances, will ever destroy our unity if we allow God to be the one controlling our confluences.

Constant abiding in His love and will for our lives ensures that the confluences that come will be managed and converged as they should and were meant to be.

Enduring as the physical water streams of this world, so are our streams—though drought may appear for a season, the streams still flow into each other and the confluences relieve the drought conditions of life.

Safe and secure, we rest in the assurance that the confluences of circumstances can be a strengthening, life-saving, renewing part of life if God controls the circumstances.

The Path Continues…


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