To Invoke God’s Blessings…

Dear Father of all and God of the universe, we come to worship and adore You. We long to be in Your refreshing presence. The hot, dry winds of this world are blowing on us as we live and work in these days. We come seeking Your cool, quenching spirit to wash over us as we wait before You.

Dear Father, You are the center of our joy. We acknowledge that without You in our lives, we are joyless. We come to reaffirm Your centeredness in us today. Help us to center on You  today.

Dear Father, we seek words of comfort and reassurance as we come to You. The world where we live has stripped us of much of our strength this past week. We long to held in Your arms and feel Your tender touch.

So we come, O Lord, with our minds, our hearts and our lives, and willingly lay them at Your altar. Quench our thirst for You today, dear Lord. As the hot, dry winds of this world blow, we rest in You, O Lord, our Shield and Redeemer.

In the name of Your ever present Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, we pray.  Amen.


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