September Eleventh…

Secure in Your divine love and comfort, we come to praise and worship You for who You are, O Father.

Eager, we are, to be in Your presence with our fears, our concerns and our longing to see You as we struggle in this life.

Patience, O Father, we ask for Your patience with us as we remember the years past and wonder about the years ahead.

Touch us anew with Your reassurance that You are in control of Your creation and that we need not fear the groanings of this world.

Empty our thoughts of worry and renew in us a right spirit that seeks first Your kingdom and shares it with the world in which we live.

Mark us again by a lifestyle that seeks the good for our neighbor more than our own wants and desires.

Buttress us, Father, against this world’s view that would call us to withdraw our love from those who are different from us.

Enliven our ability to see all of Your creation as You see it and to feel the pain that sin has brought to Your world.

Replace in us the attitude of revenge with Your attitude of peace and justice for all Your children.

Even as we remember the events of the past years, create in us clean hearts to hear You calling us forward to see Your will being done.

Level us, O God, in our ability to hear You calling us to a path that You are already preparing for us to walk with You.

Encourage our walk daily, O Father, with the presence of Your children, our friends, who also hear Your calling.

Visit us with Your mercy, O Lord, when You find our sin before You; allow Your grace to cover us as we come to You.

Examine us again, dear Father, in the light of Your Son, Jesus Christ, our sacrifice, instead of in the darkness of our failure and sin.

Nothing, except our sin, can keep us from You, O God—we know that in our best times; please forgive us, for the flesh is weak, but the heart wants to cry out how much we love You, Father.

Take us, as we remember, and help us to know that You are the Re-builder, the Re-maker, the Restorer and the Healer.

Hear us, Your children, dear Father, as we remember and we believe in You and You alone. We do love You, Father!

The Path Continues…


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