Revolutionary Prayer…

(photo by Cindy Hennigh )

Revealing God, our Father, we want to hallow your name today.

Eternity awaits us, we know. Help us to know that it has already begun.

Verify in us your love, 0 God. Make us more aware of you.

Overcome our self-satisfied, comfortable life styles to help us see that you want us to be radically different from this world.

Let us hear you today in new and radical ways, Father.

Unloose your power in and through us today so that we connect with those who do not know you in Jesus Christ.

Today, may your kingdom come, more than yesterday or the day before, in this world and in us.

Instill in us the fervor to want to know your will and to want to do it more than ever before.

Open our eyes to your will in new and fresh ways that we may live your will as our will each day that we live.

Negate our closed minds, and our hardened heart with your revolutionary message of love and acceptance of all who call you, Father, through Jesus Christ.

Attune our hearts to hear you, our minds to know you and our lives to show you to others.

Remake our “want to,” Lord. May we be attentive to you so much that we know your will better each day that we live.

Yielding to your will, that your kingdom may come, is our prayer today.

Prepare us to take the risk of allowing you to change us in the radical ways of your kingdom coming.

Replace our selfishness with a renewed love for others.

Arouse in us the revolutionary idea of doing your will because of your revolutionary love for us, love that would die for us.

Yearning to learn how to pray we come with open minds, hearts and ears.

Enliven our spirits to sense your presence as we worship and as we serve.

Replace our un-yielded-ness with humility of heart that allows your kingdom to come in our lives that produces the fruit of your spirit in us.

Thank you, Father. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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