Selah-A Holy Pause…

(needed re-post)

Secure in the silence I seek, yet bombarded within and without, I am constantly amid noise and activity.

Eternity is waiting for just a pause in my activity and noisemaking so it can be heard.

Longing for that voice to speak, I have come aside for a “selah” moment – a Holy pause, if you will.

Attempting to allow some time to pause and reflect on what has happened in the days just gone by,

Hoping to stop and reflect on what God has attempted to say to me and to stop and see what He wants to show me, I welcome this “selah.”

Along the paths that I walk there is much good noise and some bad, but still the noisiness of my world insulates me from hearing God speak, at times.

Having spent some time alone and in silence at intervals in my life, this “selah” restores the balance and retunes my ears to the important sounds.

Opening the mind and heart to ponder events, to meditate on God, Himself, causes much peace, but, I must confess also, some consternation.

Leaving the worldly noise to hit the pause button is not easily done at times.

Yearning for the peace that pausing brings, I seek it.

Persistence, commitment and some planning is needed, for me at least, to allow God to pause me so I can rest and reflect on Him.

Above all the ordinary noise of this world is a vast symphony of God given song and silence, as He makes the whole universe sing.

Utter joy is found when the “selah” moments are observed, much like a “rest” being observed in a musical score adds distinction to the music of the melody.

Surprised, I was, and still am, at the wonder of pausing and reflecting and hearing as with new ears.

Even when words fail me, or the music comes to an end, the “selah” moments cause my soul to burst into praise of God and to hallow His name with all that I am.

Tha Path Continues…


3 thoughts on “Selah-A Holy Pause…

  1. Oh, how I need a Selah moment. Sometimes those needed quiet moments are so incredibly hard to “fit” into the busyness of life. But how rewarding the time in those quiet times with the Lord.

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