Longing for Home

Looking for meaning in the everydayness of life where God had given me to live it,

Overlooking the many everyday pleasures and sorrows of life that come my way,

Narrowing the focus of my mind’ s eye to times past and those places one calls home,

Groping for the things that make those places feel like home,

I find that numerous things come together to form that feeling of home.

New awareness of my longing for home-ness comes to mind.

God has provided an awareness of what it really takes to make a place a home.

Forgetting, at times, that the real home is to be with God wherever I am physically.

O how I long for the sustained feeling of being at home with Him!
Remembering that to be at home with Him is the ultimate goal of my life.

Having seen several losses of physical life in this season of time, I sometimes grow weary of still being here, quite frankly.

Often times I feel the “want to”, to be absent from this body and be at home with God.

Moving along the path of life planned for me, I sense an assurance that God has planned even this feeling as an encouragement to me also.

Eternity is waiting for me even as I long for it, so that I may live these days as a child of God in this place.

The Path Continues…


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