The Daily Days…

Teaching Presence, loving Father, our God who rejoices over us with singing, speak to us about our daily days.
Help us to see, in the routine of our daily days, Your hand to guide and refresh us. Sometimes the daily-nesses of our days become frustration and despair. We need Your refreshing, Father!
Eternal is Your perspective, Father. Ours is, most days, short sighted and prideful. Teach us anew to number our daily days.

Defer our lack of patience, even with You, O God, and help us to see that in the daily days You are always walking beside us and will help us, if we allow You to help!
Attune our hearts, minds and spirits to Your Spirit’s direction and care in these days of seemingly endless routine.
Instill in us the vision to see that You, indeed have a plan and a purpose for our lives in these daily days.
Let us see in others that we meet in our daily days as instruments of Yours to help us understand Your compassion, Your kindness, Your humility, Your gentleness, and your patience, in short, Your love lived among us.
You alone, O God, are our hope in these daily days.

Daily bread, You taught us to pray for our daily bread. Help us to know and understand that that includes more than just our physical sustenance, but also everything we need to face our daily days.
Allow Your Spirit, dear Father, to inundate our spirits to wash, to clean, and to renew us in Your will, daily!
Yours is the kingdom, our daily days, our hope for those days to come. Accept our pleas today.
Save us from our selfish ways, Father. Help us to remember You are the only one who keeps watch over us, even in our daily days.


The Path Continues…


One thought on “The Daily Days…

  1. Those daily days sometimes get long, and you wonder if you are fulfilling that plan and purpose God has for each of us. Thank God for His help and His hope. Upon reading this entry and looking at the photograph, these verses comes to mind, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.” (Ps. 121:1,2) We do have to look up and shake ourselves from the “dailyness” and see, as you said, that God’s love is lived among us through other people.. and through our own lives. God in His great mercy does use each of us, these vessels of clay, even when we aren’t aware. May we stay close to Him so that sweet, living water is poured out….Also, I love the verse and the photo for Sept. 29.

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