Blessed Lord, Father, and Savior of us all, we come to  You today in the spirit of Holiness.

Enlighten us by Your Holy Spirit as we read and study Your word, 0 God. Take our sacrifice of praise as an offering or our hearts as we repent of our sins today.

Remind us of Your willingness to give Your mercy and grace to Your children when they seek You.

Allow us to see, just a glimpse of how You see us today as Your word searches us and exposes our betrayals.

You alone are our Savior and Lord as You see into our souls and hearts.

Allay our fears and calm our anxiety as we wonder in our own hearts, “Is it I?”

Lend us Your ear, 0 God, as we confess our doubts and repent of our selfish ways and return to Your love and care.

In the name of the one who was betrayed, even Jesus our Lord, Amen.

The Path Continues..


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