Memories of People…

My Grandfather Coates (lower right) and his brothers-circa 1910

When I was given this gift of writing acrostics many years ago, some of the first acrostics came as result of writing using a person’s name as the basis for the acrostics.  I have been hesitant to post those writings as they are oftentime very personal.  Many of them were written as prayers to be given at the funeral of the person or written to the family at the death of the individual.

In recent days, I have the sense that God would have me share some of those as a way of memorializing the individual as well as a part of the grief process for others who might read them and feel God’s presence as they engage the words of prayer.

As a part of my own grief process when my Dad died, some 21 years ago now, I began writing an annual writing on the anniversary of his death.  I would like to share those as the beginning to this series of posts of “Memories of People.” The first one will be entitled, “To Dad.” I will endeavor to share photos of him over the years as well. It will follow this post today.

I would welcome your comments and reflections.  Thanks!

The Path Continues… 


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