Memories of People…part 1

To Dad

On this the anniversary,

of your funeral service,

I feel a need to say,

I miss you.

It has been an eventful year,

in many ways.

A sad year in some ways,

and some special days, too.

Mother is doing very well,

sometimes I don’t know how.

Brother and sisters sometimes grieve,

but that is only natural, I guess.

Sometimes it is painful…

to remember,

the pain you must have felt,

before the end came.

I wish I could have been there,

with you at that time.

Sometimes I think that would have,

made today a little easier.

This process called grief,

is sometimes difficult,

but we must endure,

in order to grow in this life.

Grief comes when it will,

and stays as long as it wants.

Grief is God’s way of reminding us,

that He, too, knows what we feel.

Grief is a way of remembering.

God is there, too.

I will never forget,

He knows and cares for me.

April 23, 1991

The Path Continues…


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