Memories of People…part 2


To Dad, Again


Another year has passed

since you died.

It has been somewhat joyful,

and yet, I still feel somewhat empty.

I know that it will be

like this for some time to come.

Grief is still grief,

no matter the length of time.

Family and friends help;

in fact, they help a lot more than I can say.

Mom seems a little more depressed,

and sad as the days passed.

It must be exceedingly lonely for her,

because I know my own loneliness at times.

More of your family has died this year.

It seems that only one brother and one sister are left.

I wish I had more free time

to spend with them.

Well, the year has come and gone.

I still miss you, Dad.

 April 21, 1992

The Path Continues…


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