Memories of People…part 3



To Dad, Yet Again

Three years have passed now,

since your death, Dad.

Three years of remembering,

and sometimes failing to remember.

Three years – a long time to some,

yet, a brief moment in eternal time.

Three years of grief – some good,

some bad – but still grief.

Three years full of recallable moments,

that God allows us to live again in the mind.

Three years of added memories,

that make those moments all the more precious.

Three years of watching family members,

each still remembering you, in their own way.

Three years that Mom has lived alone,

struggling to remain happy and cheerful.

Three years of missing you,

yet, and still, life must go on.

Three years of going on,

without your advice.

Three years without your physical presence,

yet thirty-eight years of physical experience to rely on.

Three years have passed now, Dad, since you died.

Thanks for all those years when I never said Thank You.

 April 21, 1993

The Path Continues…


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