Memories of People…part 4

To Dad…No. 4

(an acrostic in your memory)

 Joyous in the memory of what you mean to me,

Although this year was less of what I wanted to be,

More of what I find frustrating and yet,

Exciting is a term that comes to mind also.

So this year has been a mixture of good and bad, I suppose.

Pressured to forget, yet wanting to remember,

Realizing that that is how life has become.

Expecting in every day to find some relief.

So often finding just the opposite – more to remember.

Together with family and friends,

On the road of life we trod, perhaps plod,

Never really knowing what lies ahead – yet there is hope.

Coming to the close of this the fourth year since you died

Offers another time to voice my thanks.

After all is said and done, you were my Dad.

Together with the remainder of the family,

Eternity awaits for us to be together again.

Soon for some, I fear, I dare hope, I do not know.

Sometimes the best and only approach to this life…

Remembering, reflecting, and refocusing.

  April 21, 1994

The Path Continues…


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