Memories of People…part 8


Another year has past since you died, Dad…eight years it now has been.

This past year has held some exciting and unusual experiences for this your youngest son.

This year has seen old friendships become more important than I could have imagined at year’s beginning.

This year has also seen new friendships made that continue to develop.

This year has been a good year in relationships and in material things as well.

Your family has been, in this year, maintained, by and large, the same as it was last year, just another year older.

Your wife, my mother, has become more feeble in health and also in spirit, I fear, this year.

Your children, for the most part, are well and happy, as happy as they can be in their individual situations of life.

I wonder what you would say about this past year from your perspective, if you are looking down on us.

I have spent some time thinking about that at times this past year.

I hope we haven’t been a disappointment to you or to your memory as we have lived our lives this year.

The year ahead promises to hold changing relationships and friendships and family situations.

This time, right now, not the future or the past, is given to us to live as best as we can determine God’s will for us.

The best we can do is all that we can promise to you, Dad.

The eighth year since you died has been a memorable one, one which I enjoyed living more than other years.

I wonder what year nine holds for me, Dad.

Thanks for helping me to not look beyond what is today.

In honor of you, Dad, I continue to write.

April 17, 1998

The Path Continues…


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