Memories of People…part 9

Dad   x   Nine

Nine years this morning, Dad,

You slipped from us into heaven.

That day will continue to live on in memory—

A day that started well, was interrupted by sorrow, and finished in grief.

Nine years is a long time to many,

But it can seem short in many ways.

It has seen changes in many people.

Some changes for the good, some not so good.

But changes nonetheless—if we don’t change, we, too, have already died.

Nine years of aging, growing older, if not wiser.

Wisdom has come through many avenues and venues.

Some wisdom has come through personal experiences;

Other wisdom has come through others’ experience.

Nine years in the life of your family, Dad.

We have grown closer, some; farther apart, some, too.

But we have at least stayed close to Mom.

This past year was a hard one for her, health-wise, but attitude is good.

Nine years in my life, Dad, have seen many changes.

I would not have dreamed some of them, but I’m glad for most of them.

I hope I have changed when it was needed and not just for change’s sake.

That would have been a mistake, I know.

Nine years, Dad, nine years.

I wonder what the next nine years will bring.

I have my dreams and hopes; best not written here, just yet, probably,

But I believe you know them, Dad.

Nine years, Dad, a long time for some,

And yet, so short to me.

I do miss you.

I know you know.

April 21, 1999

The Path Continues…


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