Memories of People…part 10

Dad…A Decade Later

Day by day, year by year—my, the time has flown.

Almost without realization, ten years have passed since your death.

Deficient is my ability to comprehend exactly what it has meant.

Another year has passed since I wrote my remembrances of that event.

Deliberate is my thinking and feeling about that time, and remembering…

Eager, in some ways, to remember because it takes me to the past.

Content in my remembrances, maybe too content, to move on beyond the past.

Always remembering you, dad, as your memory is still very fresh and poignant.

Diminished by the lack of your presence, in a physical sense, I am.

Enveloped by a sense of aloneness, at times, it is overwhelming.

Listless is a good way to describe me at times, perhaps remembering too little.

Adroit at hiding my true feelings, I have become very good at that, I fear.

Time, and time alone, will prove or disprove that thinking.

Eternity is awaiting in the passing of time; day by day, year by year.

Remembering: my way of dealing with your death, Dad. Thanks for another year.

April 17, 2000

The Path Continues…


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