Memories of People…part 12

Billy Gittings

In Honor of an Employee, a Co-worker and a Friend.

Before most of us came to this place, you were already here!

Infilling the evenings with your presence,

Living your life among us as you worked to make this an easy place for us to come,

Looking after us, in your own way, to make sure we were safe while in this place,

You help to provide a clean and safe environment for all those who met in the eventide of the day.

Given to laughter, you cheered us along as we would meet you in the halls.  You encouraged us, Billy!

Inspiring to be around as you worked and talked, and talked and worked, and talked and worked.

Tough ol’ bird,” I liked to say, as you would come to work in spite of feeling bad or even when grieving the loss of a family member.

Tender, too, as I’d watch you help someone to their car in the dark of night or stop to help a child find his way on a Wednesday evening.

Indicative of who you are, we are here to say a big, “Thank you, Billy.”

Never one to complain, too much, you showed us how to get along even when you didn’t feel much like it.

God has blessed us as He has blessed you in our midst and you shared even those blessings that you received.

So, what else can we say, Billy? We thank you for the countless hours of service to this church. We appreciate you for who you are. We wish you the very best that life has to offer. We will miss you and, yes, we love you, Billy Gittings.

March 21, 2004


(Sadly, Billy is no longer living among us, but is living with God in heaven.)

The Path continues…


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