Memories of People…part 15

Chris Nelson

Caring and loving Father, we come today to celebrate the life of our friend, Chris Nelson and to worship You.

Hear our prayer today, loving God and prepare us for life without the physical presence of this good man.

Receive our worship this day as we praise You, O God, the giver of life and the comforter when death is among us.

Intercede, dear Jesus for this dear family as they adjust to life without this dear man.

Supply the needed comfort, strength and love as we seek Your face in this time today.

Never allow us to think that we are alone in this experience of death, dear Father, for we know You are with us.

Enliven our souls to celebrate this life as we thank You for Chris and his influence in our lives and community today.

Lead us to see Your hand upon him, O God, as we review his life and witness to You in this service of worship.

Secure our thoughts of remembrance as we think about Chris’ life and the impact he had on so many people in this place and throughout this community.

Over and above all things of life, dear Father, we thank You for your son Jesus Christ, in whom Chris had his faith.

New awareness of You, O God, and the love You show us through Your children is what we seek as we say thank You for the life of Chris Nelson as he lived among us as Your child.

In the comforting name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, we pray.  Amen

March 20, 2006

The Path Continues…


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