Memories of People…part 17

Frank Compton

 (Father of Frankie Spencer)

Forever loving and gracious Father and God of all, we cry out to you in prayer today.

Remembering your mercy and grace toward us we come into the valley of the shadow of death again today.

Allow us to see you today, dear Father, to draw close to you, and to know again the comforting of your presence.

Needy we are today, O God, as we share in the grief and sorrow of this dear family.  We need your touch to sustain them and us.

Keenly aware of your love and care for each of us, we come to express our thanksgiving for having known this your child, Frank Compton.

Confidence and encouragement were just two of the many godly traits that we felt from this good man, Father.

Offering ourselves to you, O God, and to others as we experienced this man’s life, is but a token of what his life among us meant.

Moving us from a focus on ourselves to those around us seems a fitting tribute for the life lived here on this earth by Frank Compton, as we knew him, Lord.

Placing his value on others by the kind words of encouragement or the laughter he shared or the simple smile of acknowledgement was his way of life among us.

Together we come, Father, to celebrate this life lived here with us and for your glory.

Open us to see your plan for this life that we live today as you opened Frank’s life to those around him, dear Father.

Nearer to You, O God, we long to be.  Thank you for allowing us to be influenced by this servant of yours for the living of these days.

            In the precious name of Jesus Christ, in whom we live and breathe and have our being, we pray.  Amen.

March 16, 2005

The Path continues…


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