Memories of People…part 18

In Memory of a Friend:

Bill Gallimore

Blessed and most wonderful Savior and Lord of Lords,

Instill in us a renewed sense of Your presence and love for us as we pray.

Life, our physical life, is such a magnificent gift from You, O Lord. Help us not to take it for granted.

Lift us from the depths of grief and sorrow that we feel as we remember our friend Bill Gallimore today.

Goodness and mercy are following us, his family and friends. We know that is Your promise, but we miss the physical presence of this good man to cheer us along this path.

Allow us to remember his life and to hear him telling us again to keep on relying on You for our comfort and strength.

Love, O God, allow Your love to enfold the members of his family and friends, today and in the seemingly lonely days ahead.

Live, through them, the life that Bill enjoyed and gave to them, and to us, as he lived among us.

Instill in us the wonder of Your grace and help us to show that grace to those with whom we live our daily lives.

Move us closer, O God, to You for having lived in the sphere of Bill’s influence and life.

Overcome our anger, our fear, and our self-pity as we grieve, with Your mercy, goodness and assurance.

Remake us in Your image, even today, so that we may carry on Bill’s influence and love for You.

Eternal Father, thank You for Your child, Bill Gallimore. We thank You for loving us through him.

In Jesus’ precious and comforting name, we pray.  Amen!

June 29, 2004

The Path Continues…


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