Memories of People…part 19

Wyldine Gallimore

(an acrostic for a friend)

Wondrous God, our heavenly Father,

You who created us for relationship with You,

Look upon us today to provide the comfort that only you can provide.

Deliver Your people from the valley of the shadow of death.

Instill in us the joy of our salvation as we remember your child Wyldine today.

Never allow us to despair at the death of one of Your children, but help us to praise You for the life of this good lady.

Enliven our memories as we celebrate the life of Wyldine, so that we may recall clearly Your life in hers.

Gather us today as we seek Your face in this time of worship and celebration in this place.

Allow your Holy Spirit to speak for us with sighs and groans when we fail to find the words.

Let Your power be witnessed in the lives of those present today, both family and friends.

Live through the life of Your servant Wyldine in such a way as to cause us to love You more.

Immeasurable grace from You we are aware of today as we gather with this dear family.

Measure us, dear Father, by the love we allow to live in and through us as You did in Wyldine.

Overwhelm us, dear Father, with the knowledge of Your presence as we remember her today.

Revive our spirits as we remember Wyldine’s life and renew in us a will to go on walking the path of life that You have given us to walk.

Enough, it is for us to know that Wyldine is with You, O God, and that You are with us. So we rest in Your love for all of us today.

                                                May Your Spirit rest on us all today, O Father!Amen.

November 27, 2007

The Path Continues…


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