Memories of People…part 20

A prayer on hearing of the death of

Russell Gallimore


 O wondrous God in Heaven,

We come before your throne,

Beseeching you in all your glory,

to share your lasting comfort.


We know you hold the world

And all that it does hold

Within the power and grasp

of your omnipotent hands.


We affirm our faith in Thee

And of Thy Dear Blessed Son

Who came that we might live

And share His love with others.


But God in this a time of grief

We share in heart and soul,

With Dwane, Leslie, Cooper and Emily

We almost lose control.


It grieves us Lord to see

Our friends of many years

Have heartaches and sorrow

That we know we cannot stop.


So Lord and Savior and Comforter

Be very near to these our friends,

Yea, more than friends,

Our very brothers and sisters.


We pray your richest blessing

To them and theirs just now

As we would humbly bow

To seek your face right now.


O wondrous God in Heaven

Receive Russell into your own

And guard the ones we love

from the harsh world today.


We thank thee, O Lord, that we can say

As the Psalmist of old

That weeping must last for the evening

but Joy cometh in the morning.


Lord, we leave our friends

In your loving care

And rest assured that you take

their burden with you to bear.


So Dwane, Leslie, Cooper and Emily

Take heart and soul and mind

And trust them to the Lord alone

And He will bring you peace.


We praise You, O Lord, that the victory

And power is yours,

Through Jesus Christ,

Our Lord and Savior and Comforter,


July 30, 2002

The Path Continues…


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