Memories of People…part 24

Klein Spencer

(an acrostic prayer)

Kind and merciful heavenly Father, God of all and lover of all who call on Your name for comfort,

Lean toward us today as we experience the death of one of Your children and our friend and loved one.

Enlighten us once again of the love You have for each one of Your children and that You grieve when we are saddened in this life.

Instill in us the truth of Your presence in the midst of pain and sorrow.  Help us to live in that truth today.

New awareness of Your presence is what we seek as we walk in the valley of the shadow of death today.

Send Your comfort to these family members who remain to live without this dear one in the days ahead.

Prepare them for the dark days that lie ahead by causing the memory of the loved one to overtake the rough roads ahead.

Empty them of that sorrow that is inevitable and fill them with the joy of remembrances of their loved one and of Your love for them.

Negate the emptiness that this death brings by assuring them of Your presence and the assurance that he with You today.

Cause Your Spirit to drip all around them to provide the grace that is needed for each day ahead.

Entreat this family to see Your hand in the care and concern of the people that You will bring into their path as they travel ahead.

Recall to our memory that You have promised in Your Word that “Weeping may last for the evening but joy comes in the morning.”

                             Thank You, Father, for hearing Your children when they pray. Amen.


The Path Continues…


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