Memories of People…part 25

Wade Herriman

(A Prayer for a Good Friend)

Wondrous God, who loves us beyond all reason,

Allow us to fall, once again, on your bosom of comfort today.

Deliver us from our sorrow and renew our trust in You.

Entrust Your Holy Spirit to us in these hours, O God.

Hear our prayer for these friends as we intercede for them just now, Father. Allow them to know Your peace today.

Enliven them with a sense of Your presence that exceeds their sorrow and loss.

Remember them in a way that only You can, Father, and help them to experience the joy of memory today.

Ready these friends as they live in the days to come as they lean forward to You for the strength to go on.

I thank You for the life lived by this friend that we grieve today.  Thank You for the lasting influence and love You gave him to live in and through in these years of life.

May the witness of his life lived for You bring glory and honor to You, Father, today and in the days that are ahead.

Attune us to Your overwhelming mercy and kindness today and as we live our lives in Your will.

Nearer to You, O God, we want to be nearer to You and to be more like You for having known this good man, Wade Herriman.

October 15, 2010

The Path Continues… 


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