Hungry To See Your Face!…

Hunger, real hunger, is a painful sensation caused by the strong desire for something.

Undernourishment can occur when hunger is evident, even in the area of desires.

Needing to see and be with someone so much can be an expression of hunger.

Gut-level discomfort can be a result of hungering to see and be with this one whom you desire.

Relief can only come when you are physically in touch with this person, the hunger is satisfied.

Yearning to remain in the presence of this one anticipates the hunger returning when you are apart.

The seeing of photographs and hearing of the voice help to fill this hunger, but the hunger is still there until you are in the presence of the only one who can satisfy the hunger.

Overcoming this hunger can become an overwhelming desire and urge, it is a longing of the heart as well as the body.

Seeing with the eyes can satisfy this hunger, just to be in the physical presence, just to be close, without any predetermined agenda, just to be together.

Enough that the hearts are already satisfied with the mere presence of each other, but the hunger can still be there, for it is a part of what we call love.

Eternal in its character, this hunger is a real part of true love, the hungering to be with and to see is part of our expression of our love, we are unfulfilled without the other person beside us.

Yearning is another word that could be alongside of hungering, we yearn for someone just as the body hungers for food, we need that person just as the body needs food to survive.

Only that person can satisfy the hunger and yearning of our hearts and souls and minds, just as only food can satisfy the body hunger.

Until that hunger is satisfied, we, (I) are (am) overcome with physical as well as emotional feelings of weakness and incompleteness.

Realizing this emotion, this feeling, this urge can only be fulfilled by the other person being with us, we long to find way and times to be filled with the other person, just as we find time to eat the physical food the body needs.

Fearing that we may not be with the other person forever, we long to be fully with them when we are with them, we focus all of ourselves on them and hunger even more to show them how much they are loved and needed and wanted.

Always and forever is what this hunger requires to be fulfilled and satisfied, just as the body requires food more than once in its life, so this love-hunger requires presence more than once in its lifetime.

Careful to be seen as not just lust or physical in this hunger is for more than body, but for all of the other person.

Enough to just see and be with, that will satisfy the hunger, yes, that will keep the hunger pains away for now, but they will return when we are apart.

Who do you miss today ?

The Path Continues…


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