Sheltering Presence…

Sheltering Presence, we come to you seeking your comforting embrace as we gather with You. We come with many different feelings and desires, O Lord. We long for you to catch our tears with your compassionate love. As you have told us in your word that you gather our tears in your bottle and keep them close to you, we long to be held by you. We want to be close by your protecting refuge. We love you, O Lord.

Heal the places in us that cry out to be free from pain, O Lord. We have so many physical hurts and bodily aches. We also have spiritual pains and relationship hurts that we lay at your feet, Sheltering Presence. We bring our very being to you and seek your repairing touch, as only you can remake and recreate us in your image, O Lord. We take refuge in you and know that we will never be put to shame. We commend our spirits to you, dear Presence!

Hold us close to you, O Presence, and hear our yearning for peace. Peace of heart, soul and mind is what we long for.

We come, as we are, worshiping and praising you, O God. We are here. You are here. We know your presence and feel you near. As we draw close to you, we know you are already close to us, before we began to draw close to you. We love you, Lord. Thank you for hearing and answering our cries.

In the name of the only Presence that shelters and protects, comforts and guides, our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray. Even so, Lord, come quickly. Amen.

The Path Continues…


One thought on “Sheltering Presence…

  1. Oh how I needed this prayer today. Thank you for the soundness, the yearning, the truth of who we are and WHO HE IS!! May the Lord Bless you and Keep you. May you sense Him smiling down on you today!

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