Overwhelmed by Joy…

Out of the overflow of the realization of the depth of God’s love for me,

Veritable waves of joy crash in my soul and wash over me and out of my mouth in words of praise and thanksgiving.

Ethereal in the movement and cleansing in its work, this surprise of joy is cathartic.

Running through my mind are songs of praise, such as: “Until Then” with its words, “Until then, my heart will go on singing, until then, with joy, I’ll carry on…Until the day God calls me home.”

Washed and cleansed and humbled, I am, as this overwhelming sense of joy lingers in my heart, mind, body and spirit.

Heaven-sent, this surprise of joy is a welcomed blessing on this day spent in solitude and silence.

Ephiphenal is this surprise of joy in the sense that I came expecting Jesus to meet me, and He did, with the joy of an old friend.

Love expressed in the joy of the soul is something we often miss or take for granted.

More joy would surprise us if we expected Jesus to meet us wherever we are.

Eternal joy, much like grace, is a gift that must be received in order to experience it.

Determined not to be so surprised by joy, I will seek to accept this gift and live in it daily.

Being before doing is involved in this surprise of joy, also. I must be a child of God to truly share in this character gift.

Yearning to know God as Father before doing frees me to know how to be with my Father.

Joy, shear joy, is what comes when we seek and find God. It doesn’t matter when or when, joy will surprise us we find Him.

Overcome with praise, I lift my voice to sing and pray with thanksgiving for my childhood in Him.

Yet, I await, with eager anticipation, the next overwhelming sense of joy that God will gift me with along the paths of life I tread with Him.

(a December 2010 re-post)

The Path Continues…


3 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by Joy…

  1. The waterfall is a wonderful expression of the joy of the Lord. Some days that joy seems to escape me, but I know it is my fault. Lord, help me win that battleground of the mind. Unpleasant circumstances will improve. Moods come and go, but God’s love is constant. The joy that Jesus brings is there in my heart, I just need to stir up my realization of God’s infinite love for me. I pray that for others many times – that they would truly know God’s love for them. As I take time to pray that for myself and worship “the lover of my soul,” that joy springs forth. Thanks for the stirring, Hammond.

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